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MY FOOTBALL is a football App



Capture performance with the MY FOOTBALL app.


Compare performance with other players.


Always keep an eye on performance progress.


Share the performance with the whole football world.

You decide

Search the extensive exercise catalogue and select a suitable exercise. Concentrate on a specific training area or let others inspire you.

The football app offers you a wide range of exercises from all important areas. Or you can do it yourself – design your own exercises and decide for yourself which attributes you want to focus on!

MY FOOTBALL Football App drills

Capture, gather, observe

Record performance on video with the MY FOOTBALL app. Your performance and values are automatically recorded and conveniently assigned to your profile.

You want to know how you are improving over a longer period of time? No problem, your data and performance curves are always available to you. Stopwatches, notes, Excel & Co. can pack!

MY FOOTBALL football app compare

Compare with the rest

Enter the competition with other players and become the leader. Compare yourself with your teammate, friends or anyone else in the world.

Collect points, level up and show us who’s the best!

What Others Say

With our platform we were already on the road on football pitches to test the “live environment”. 

Spurred on

"The immediate availability of results and rankings has spurred my players on. In addition, I have all services transparent at a glance - immediately and with minimal effort".
Coach BTS Neustadt
Volker Fahlbusch
Coach BTS Neustadt

Point out improvements

"The competition created by the app is great to get the players to full play in every training session. You can also show players much better where they can improve how."

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